"love you."

wake up call number 1: (i slept on the couch last night with logan, he's been waking up around 1 ish (when i am just getting ready to turn in for the night) and not wanting to go back into his room) around 6:45 a harsh light beamed directly into my eyes. my body was now draped across the autumn and my legs hanging on the couch. i could hardly move my aching body! "whats going on out here?" stacey said. immediately in my mind i thought "what do you think is going on in here? logan won't sleep in his bed....duh!" (i'm not a happy morning person!) but i was nice and said, "turn the light off!!!" he he! at least it wasn't real mean, right? i did a few things around the house and checked e-mail and started proofing. i was so tired that my head really felt like it was going to cave in. i couldn't keep my eyes open and my head was already pounding. so i decided since boston was still asleep that i would rest on the couch while logan watched his barney and friends. i fell fast asleep of course.

wake up call number 2: (still horizontal on the couch all wrapped up in a blankie...ahhhh!) soft little voice and gently arms wrapping around my neck, "love you. baby awake. i play nice and no push. love you." says logan to me. i wanted to cry cuz that is the first time logan has told me he loves me without me telling him to say it.

it's going to be a good day. love you too mr. logan to the moon and back.

now if someone could volunteer to come do my mountains of laundry, dust, clean toilets, and pickup/organize toys (i can vacuum) i'd have it made...oh and a fresh batch of cookies! too much to ask?! i've been ignoring my household responsibilities for days too. it's painful to look at at this point! on second thought, no volunteer's, i wouldn't answer my door anyways! (by the way still haven't done anything with Logan's hair...on Sunday i'll stress it and come up with a plan!)