Halloween 2008: Recap

i started this post halloween night. got as far as the title. so before i get too behind on our daily life...here is our fun halloween happenings 2008...

sunday.october.26.2008: carved pumpkins. logan's first and he thought it was pretty fun, but yucky. he kept saying,"yucky yuck!" wasn't much into gutting them! boston chilled out for a bit in her chair...but desperately wanted to be in the action.

tuesday.october.28.2008: we went to our ward halloween carnival. it was fun to socialize and be with our good ward friends. earlier in the day i decided to try and get some pictures of boston in her costume. she was the cutest little cat- even though she didn't want to get her picture taken. meow!
friday.october.31.2008: trunk or treat. all dressed up and ready to get some sugary loot. one problem, logan was too shy to actually get the job done. he clung onto me for dear life. must of been the scary costumes he was seeing. boston, however, took full control and filled up logan's pumpkin. she had a heck of a time roaming around and would throw a fit if i even grabbed her hand. she would sit herself right down and refuse to move until i backed up and left her alone. have i mentioned this little one is quite the fire ball? she surely keeps us on our toes and laughing. all-in-all, scared and over energetic kids or not, we had a great time as a family and enjoyed time with friends.
and of course before halloween night ended we had to drop in at grandma and grandpa keele's to do a little trick or treating. we ate pizza & enjoyed a little visit with extended family (who came for trick or treating as well). of course g&g keele had to take a little snap shot to show off their grand kids...boston wouldn't stay put for the picture so i had to hold her and stacey flew in last minute (good call babe!).
so there you have it: halloween 2008