monkey lover.

there is something about monkeys that totally gets boston's little body full of excitement. She giggles and screams for any monkey she sees. i know i blogged about it some time ago (can't find it anywhere in my archives for the life of me) when we were at mini bazaar and she wasn't too happy. she was still pretty little but i was grabbing anything in sight to please her. i grabbed a little stuffed monkey and she giggled and giggled and loved that monkey instantly. everyone in the store was looking at her and laughing and thinking it was so cute (it was some loud laughter i tell ya!) one lady even asked me if she was the baby who won money because of her laugh. so funny. needless to say grandma (my mom) just had to buy the stuffed little monkey for her and she has slept with it every night since then. she loves her little monkey. she still giggles with joy when she sees him. he's been washed more times than i can count and the polka dots that were on his little green ribbon around his neck are gone. but he is still her very best stuffed friend.

so i am now drawn to monkeys. i saw a little sock monkey at target a couple of months ago and really really wanted to get it but it was $20 and i just couldn't spend that much on a sock monkey! so i cried the whole way home (just kidding)...but i did threaten the next day to go back and get it. but i didn't.

while in walmart the other day shopping for halloween costume stuff i was roaming the isles and spotted a sock monkey...and guess who else spotted it? boston! she reached out and said "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh ...." until i gave it to her. first thing i did was look at the price....$8. seriously!

we are the proud new owner of mr. sock monkey and we love him.