My oh-so-perfect morning!

It has been a full month since we have been to church. Stacey and I tried to attempt one of us taking Logan, just so he can go to nursery, but it never seemed to happen. So we made it a priority to go today. (I really needed a little adult interaction!) So the morning was going smoothly. Boston woke up at about 8 and shortly after Logan came walking into our room greeting us with his oh too perky “HI”! (I am totally not a morning person!) He’s so darn cute but once he is awake, he’s awake. Cuddling in bed…nadda! Its more like jumping and playful yelling... and tons of hugs and kisses which I love. Then we headed off to the kitchen and whipped up a yummy batch of French toast and Stacey fried some bacon. After eating I jumped into the shower leaving Stacey to parent control. Around 9:30ish I was done and Stacey jumped into the shower. Well I was getting dressed and Logan came walking into our room with his diaper off…only it was a poopy diaper! AHHHHH! That’s the last thing I expected to do on my oh-so-perfect morning! So I cleaned him up with baby wipes and then drew him his bath. After that we picked out his church clothes and started to get him dressed. Socks, pants, t-shirt, church shirt, tie, and finally shoes…this is where my oh-so-perfect morning took another turn. This time it wasn’t gross but rather comical after I got over the initial panic! His nice church shoes no longer fit him! I tired to squeeze them on and Logan was so good about it saying only a soft little “aweee” once. So they were on and he didn’t seem to mind them, but when he stood up and started walking the poor kid could hardly walk. He was walking like he had a brick tied to the bottom of his feet and he just kept looking down at his feet! So I started laughing and he looked at me with a confused look and started laughing as well. I asked him if they were too little and he said, “Yeah!” So we laughed together as I took them off. So I tried on a couple of other brown shoes that kind of look like hiking boots thinking they would work for today…but they were all TOO SMALL! The only other options we had are his white tennis shoes or his blue (totally warn) crocks. I thought the crock would stand out less, so I put them on. They looked totally ridiculous and I was pretty embarrassed to take him like that. I am so particular about church attire! But all in all we got a good laugh about it! So I guess our little two year old is now wearing 8 ½-9 size shoes. Is that crazy or what! Our agenda for tomorrow: SHOE SHOPPING!

P.S. About nursery...Logan still won't let me leave him in their alone. I tired to sneak out when I thought he was well distracted with bubbles but it didn’t work. I stood outside the door for a few minutes until he was crying so hard he started gagging. I guess I’ll just live in nursery for a while! Its kind of nice cuz Natalie is in nursery also! She’s the new singing leader and she does an amazing job! She has tons of cute things for the kids to hold that totally get them into singing. You’re awesome Nat!