missing cousin {Brigers}...

Logan: "Mom, Mom, Mom..." (all excited and antsy)
Me: "What Log!" (as excited in an over exaggerated way...humoring him!)
Logan: "Play brups with Brigers?"
Me: "You want to play trucks with Bridger?"
Logan: "Yeeeaaaaah! Play brups!"
Me: "When you are feeling better (he's had some kind of stomach thing going on where he has thrown up and had diarrhea...no temperature, good appetite....just not fun!) we'll call Bridger and see what he is doing."
Logan: "Ya call Bridgers" (holds his hand up next to his ear) "Hello Brigers?" (pause) "You play brups" (pause) "No?" (pause with straight look) "oh Ya?" (gleaming from ear to ear) "Yeah!" (eyebrows raised and big smiles) "Jump?" (pause) "ya!" (pause) "I'll wait." (pause) "bye". (removes his had from his ear) (jumps up and down with his hands in the air) "Yeah! Brigers come play!" (pause) "I wait".

I was laughing so hard during the whole "hand" conversation and it didn't even phase him- that's how serious the whole thing was!