Guess who turned {THREE}...

Mr. LOGAN did! Can you believe it? I can't! We had a pretty low key family party for him...just us four! It was fun though and he did get visited by his Grandpa Warnke & G&G Keele. They showered him with LOTS of clothes & fun toys.

a few early gifts he got where: Alvin & the Chipmunks & a Barney movie from Brandi, Jason, Bridger & Addi, and a tramp & sand box from me, Stacey, & Boston.

Happy 3rd Birthday Logan! You are growing up so fast but you sure are such a special little boy. You put the sparkle in our eyes. You are so full of personality & love. You amaze us daily with the new things you are learning. Life wouldn't be complete without you that is for sure. Your sister is the luckiest girl alive to have a big brother like you. You give us all so many kisses and loves! I love you so stinkin' much....with every little bone in my body! You are my little boy forever and always. xoxo Mom