Addi's 1st Birthday Bash...

I can't believe that Addi is already one years old!...and that Boston will be shortly. Babies aren't babies for long. I remember the day when Addi was born one year ago (from the 5th) and I was hugely pregnant with Boston. I remember Bran telling me it is so hard (since Bridger is 6 weeks younger than Logan and she had to wait and wait and wait too--) 6 weeks seemed like an eternity! I remember feeling sad because Addi had left Boston in spirit heaven--and I don't know I just ached for the two of them! That seems kind of funny now but it was heavy on my mind then...pregnancy hormones I guess!
Addi is such a sweet Sweet baby....or should I say toddler? I think babe-ler! Baby face, baby skin, baby talk....Not quite naughty enough to be a toddler---yet! She is so mellow yet full of personality. (Bran knows this best I'm sure!) I am always amazed when we are with Addi because Boston moves about a mile a minute never satisfied with a particular thing/place...while Addi sits and enjoys what is going on around her...she's active...she's just at peace a lot of the time when stuff is going on around her she just soaks it in! When she was eating her ice cream cake (yum!) she sat in one spot for probably 15 minutes, at least...just enjoying it!
She had a fun birthday party and I am so glad I had my camera with me to take some pictures of her...isn't she so adorable!