4th Of July...

I love the Fourth of July. I don't know if it is the nice weather, the fact that it is a day off, a time to get together with family, a day to BBQ and eat until your hearts content.... or the pure fact that we celebrate our freedom, but it always just feels good.

We started our day off at the parade. And can I just say that I was not impressed! I usually enjoy it...or enjoy getting out and watching people (I think it is so fun to watch people, we are so interesting!)...but this years parade really was the pits! All it was (with only a few exceptions) was trucks with advertising displayed on them. Pretty boring if you ask me! The kids enjoyed it though and I think that is all that mattered!

Here is what I did with my boredom...random photographs...
After the parade we went to the park to celebrate little Addi's (my niece) ONE year birthday! It was a lot of fun. (lots of pictures to come...)

We then went home to let the kids (and Stacey) take naps. I started editing through a session I did the day before.

Edit: When Stacey read our blog tonight he made sure to let me know that he didn't take a nap...he went golfing........ "OH thats right!!!" I said...the eye roll was all I got back from him! I totally forgot that and I shouldn't have cuz he went Thursday, Friday & Saturday...I'm still waiting for the day he invited me to go and not his friends (even though I don't really know how to play---I want to learn though so don't you think he should be the one to teach me?!)... When I wrote the post I just knew I was editing while the house was quiet! It must have been Saturday that the kids and him napped while I worked...hmmmm my days & events are all messed up! But now it's all coming back to me and....We got to see Dani & Brian on the 4th as well! They came by for a little visit before they left with Bri's family out of town. We love you guys and are so happy we got to see you, if only for a little bit, while you were up.

Plans were to go to the firework show in Idaho Falls...but plans changed due to the fact that at 6:30 Boston was so cranky and tired that we just decided we'd go get a box of fireworks for Logan to enjoy after we put her to bed. We knew that if we would have gone we wouldn't have been getting home until really late due to the road construction the whole way there...and the craziness after the firework show that is to be expected. So we went to town and purchased the fireworks, rented a movie, and did a little grocery shopping. We then came home and had a yummy BBQ & played outside. Boston went to bed and when it was dark we took Logan out for a little show... only he didn't really like it! He kept saying, "home mommy home!" It was the loud ones that shot him up from his chair! Plus we had to take an intermission because we were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and had to put on the layers.

All in all we really enjoyed our 4th of July. The best part about it is that we were able to spend a fun day together & with families and celebrate our freedom.