My "To Do" list update. I am so relieved to have the major projects out of the way. This week I have crunched so much work into my days...poor Logan has been neglected I think. Since I have started my photography & design studio I swore that I would never let it go before my “family”. But this week I’m afraid I have slipped a little. Everything just hit all at once and I had to get it done. I even had to stay up until 2 o’clock one morning after the wedding I shot. I figured if I could just get it done when everyone was asleep I wouldn’t have to work on it so hard the following day. Well Boston woke up right as I was going to bed and after I fed her it was 3 o’clock. Then Logan woke up at 6:15…um the earliest he EVER has! I don’t function well on 3 hours of sleep anymore! I don’t know how my roommates and I ever did it in collage! Anyways, Every night when I went to bed I felt guilty for not spending the time with Logan that he needs. He’s such a sweet little guy, he’s so good to play by himself for a while. I made sure we had a little “us” time reading books, coloring and drawing, playing with play doe, and most importantly talking! I wish he’d start talking more so I’m trying to have more actual conversations with him… it’s mostly one way conversations! Another thing that is challenging right now is that Logan LOVES to play outside…that’s hard if not impossible to do with a newborn especially with the weather getting cooler! It used to be that I could just send him out on the deck and he’d play his little heart out with all his toys. I had a safety gate on the stairs so that he couldn’t get off the deck…well he’s figured out now how to take it down! I didn’t realize that he could and one day I looked out to check on him and he was gone! Thank goodness he was just running around on the grass in the back yard. It scared me half to death though! So when he has the meltdowns it usually happens right in front of the deck door! BUT to my relief Grandma & Grandpa Keele came to the rescue a couple of days last week and took Logan to play at their home for a couple of hours. Logan loves his Grandma & Grandpa Keele…he gets his way ALL the time when he’s with them!!!  Who wouldn’t like that?! They are so good to him.
So I’m excited for this week to just be a MOM! Work as far as album designing is going on the back burner for a few good days! I’m sure I’ll get some blogging in during nap time though!