Planting {Color}

On Memorial Day we had a few things in mind that we wanted to get done. The rain didn't make it easy, since they were all things to do outside in the yard.

The one thing I am most excited about is that I got my planters planted! This is a little embarrassing but it's the first time I have ever planted real flowers! HA! and it was so much fun. I've never really been the flower in the yard. I just liked clean cut plants & bushes. But lately I crave color and lots of it! This is all we have so far, I planted 3 of them...and our lovely flowering trees are in bloom as well, so beautiful. We picked the flowers up at Lone Pine Nursery and you should have seen Logan! He was so excited to pull the little wagon around the greenhouse and pick flowers out with me! When I would ask him if a certain one would be good he got this high pitched giggle and said "ya!" while still giggling! People around thought it was so funny! I explained that it doesn't take much to get him excited. He had such a good time helping me fill the planters with soil (with Dads help of course, we wouldn't have had any soil in the planters if he was doing it alone...he was going crazy!) Now we just need to remember to keep them watered. Logan is pretty on top of that though, he reminds me daily, "Flowers Mom! Flowers water! Flowers Drink!" How do I get him to say "Mom, Flowers need water to drink?" lol

The rest of the day, for me, was filled with weed!