{Daddy's Toys}...

While spending an afternoon a while ago at his Grandma & Grandpa Keele's, Logan came home with a glowing face. He was the proud new owner of some toys...but not just any toys, these belonged to his Daddy! He made sure to tell me, "DAD's...no MINE!" Stacey spent most of his growing up years as the only child at home...so he had his toys and "HIS" toys only! He was very particular (still is) about his things. He would hardly use them, keep them shinny & in their place. If anyone would move something...just a tiny bit...he would notice! It was a funny joke between him and his nephew (who is around his age), Meredith. When Mer would come over he would purposely go into Stacey's room and rearrange anything he could, specifically his hats! Stacey took the joke well, but HAD to make the switch back immediately! He couldn't stand it. In our house he still is very specific where his things are. Everything is laid out perfectly...in the garage you won't find a pair of gloves or tool overlapping each other...unless I did it! He he!

I think through all the years that Stacey had these toys they didn't endure even half the damage that they have over the past year that Logan has had them! Stacey thinks it's funny that he took such good care of them and Logan plays Monster Trucks with them! The shiny stickers that used to adorn them are half way peeled off and there are several new dents and scratches. Logan wouldn't have them any other way. He loves his daddy's toys...without fail he pulls these out daily & plays hard, never minding his shiny new ones.

I just had to make note of this in case these toys don't make it to see a new generation!