[Lesson on Attention!]...

Me: Proofing photographs at my computer from a session yesterday of the cutest two little girls in the whole world! My friend came home to visit her parent all the way from Indiana and booked a session with me, lucky me!
Boston: Crawling around busy as a bee.
Logan: Playing Trucks- A.K.A. taping trucks together! Every two seconds he is over asking for some more tape.
Boston: (Starts crying.)
Me: "Whats wrong babe?" (getting up from the chair to go observe) Boston is crawling away from Logan and Logan is trying to get her to crawl away faster!
Me: "Did you hurt Boston?" (looking at Logan)
Logan: "YUP!"
Me: "What did you do to her?"
Logan: "Idunno!"
Me: "You need to be nice to her. She is just a baby and you are supposed to protect your baby sister not hurt her." (this is getting to be an old lecture because he just smiles at me know and says YA YA YA YA repeatedly until I stop talking!)
Logan: "Ya, but play brups (trucks)" (he won't share when it comes to his trucks)
Me: "When you are mean to Boston it makes me give her lots more attention because she is sad."
Logan: "Attanton?" (attention- first time he has ever said it!)
Me: "Yes, Attention."
Logan: "Attanton Me!"
Me: "Only nice boys get attention."
Logan: (goes over to Boston gives her a kiss.) "Nice boy, Me!, Ya? Attanton?"

Logan's Lesson #1 on Attention!