{Boston} 9 months old...

I can't believe our baby is already nine months old. I keep having to count the months over and over again to make sure that's right! But it always comes out the same...9 woppin' months! Soon we will be celebrating her first birthday... that's a little surreal at the moment. Life really does fly by. Boston is our little fire ball. She really has a distinct personality. Stacey says she takes after me, but I snap back without fail that she is the spittin' image of him!...(secretly I know better). She is our little bossy Boston. She has to have everything her way...and when she wants it! Stacey says I spoil her, but the truth of the matter is that I can't stand hearing her piercing scream! To me it's like nails on a chalkboard! So I'd rather lug her around on my hip all day long! She takes no time to sit and observe many things. She is on a roll all the time...from one thing to the next. Yesterday we were dumb founded when Stacey laid her across his lap and was softly tickling her belly, legs & face and she laid there for about 15 minutes barely breathing it felt so good to her! Stacey & I's world kind of stopped for those minutes in amazement...I think we were barely breathing! Boston loves to be outdoors. She is getting used to the grass and is daring to move from her blanket. At nine months she still doesn't have any teeth! She throws me for a loop some days because she is a little stinker. But for the most part- as long as she is getting attention- she is our little angel!

She pulls herself up to everything. She has to hang on my pants when I am doing dishes, folding laundry or getting ready. She loves the bath and gets so mad when bath time is over.
She has the absolute cutest giggle. My Mom, Danielle (sister) and I were in Mini Bazzar the other day and Boston was being a little turd because she didn't want to be held. I grabbed a little stuffed monkey to try to entertain her and oh my gosh did it ever! She loved that little monkey to pieced. Her giggles totally took over the store...meaning everyone turned around stared and laughed and said how darn cute she was! :) One lady came up to me and asked if she was the $25,000 baby....Uhhhh what? I wish! She said that she sounded just like the baby on the news that won $25,000 for her laugh. (oh man...wishin' and hopin' and prayin'...he he!) She is a little rollie pollie ollie...and a darn cute one we think! Today when I was at Porters I wanted to throw my manners out the window and pull out my blunt and in your face comments after a lady walked by our cart, turned around and looked at Boston and said, "Geez...does all your mom feed you is strait cream?" I kind of laughed and she looked up at me through her big ol' black sunglasses (she looked like a sunbird) and said "STRAIT CREAM!" Without even a chuckle or smile...or a she's cute...nothing! I just laughed as my whole body was burning inside! When I got in the car I had a whole conversation with myself of what I should have said back! (it wasn't nice but it felt good!)
Boston is our little angel. We could never imaging what our life would be like without her. She adds all kinds of joy to our lives. She and Logan are our greatest blessings.

Photos taken today: May 19, 2008