Family fun in the Sun...

I didn't say hot sun, but sunshine none the less! It was so nice to get out Saturday afternoon and enjoy the nice weather. It was still a little chilly for Boston, so I just bundled her up so she could enjoy a little fresh air as well. We had such a great time. Logan cruised around on his 4-wheeler...he's totally fearless! He got it for Christmas from my parents in 2006 and last summer he was a little scared of it! We had to force him to ride without someone right beside him and he would cry and bail off of it. This year...totally different...he cries when he has to get off it! Boston enjoyed a little grass time. She's not quite sure what to think about it! I joked that I was going to take her outside more often cuz she just stays in one place! Seriously I think I sat her down on the grass and she stayed in that one spot for 15 minutes! ha! She's so funny. When her hand would touch down and the grass she would immediately raise it back up! She eventually took her little index finger and thumb and started touching and pulling the grass. She has yet to realize that she can actually crawl around and play on it though! So nice I have to admit! So we all played and Stacey mowed the lawn...thanks hun!
Here's the result of my playing!... Warning: I possibly played way too much cuz you are about to get a picture overload...but I couldn't decide which ones I loved the most...I've learned to live with my indecisiveness! the question is... can you?

O00hh! Who's that hottie?

Very dirty little boy!

The four-wheeler was running out of juice and Logan wasn't happy about it! He got off of it and took the seat off (he knows exactly where the battery is) and wiggled the cords around a little touched the battery then threw his hands up in the air as said, "YUP Battery...Dad charge?"

Stacey's decoys...Logans pet ducks!

Mason snuggled up close to Boston!

Up for a little conversation "Nanon"?