Danielle & Brian = {Husband & Wife}...

We are back & the newlyweds are enjoying a honeymoon in San Diego! We really had a great time in Salt Lake, though it is a little CRAZEEEEE with two kids to haul around & entertain (in the car)! Stacey and I kept asking each other what we would do with 4 or 6...or heck even 3!!

trip rundown:
Day 1, Thursday: left for SLC at 9:30 am. Stopped in Layton to get a good {SHOP-ON}...well not really! We only had about 2 hrs to kill---but it was fun non the less. Arrived in SLC around 3 to check into our hotel (Little America). Got cozy (aka hauled luggage into room), broke into my camera bag, pawned my kids off on my Mom & Dad while I went and snapped some shots of the bride & groom getting ready for their pre-wedding photographs. We (Dani, Brian, & my sister assistant Brandi) made our way to Temple Square. Got rained on...just a tinsy little bit! Had the (very nice) security guard approach us and tell us that there are no picture taking allowed outside of the gate surrounding the temple (only if it has to do with a wedding--family pictures, random snap shot are allowed!)....explain that to me, please? (he couldn't!) Went {INSIDE} the gates and spent the next hour or so photographing the love birds....we got some super darn amazing shots if I may say so myself!
We made our way back to the hotel and decided on dinner plans. Tired, angry & fussy kids = WENDY's anyone? So mom and dad went and picked some grub up for all of us and we vegged out in our hotel rooms, ate and visited until bedtime... which was early because our morning started at the crack of dawn! End of day 1. (Oh wait....P.S. Where was Stacey this whole time? I'll give you one guess...CABELA'S of course! Accompanied with Jason, lil' Bridger (he wanted to hang out with the big boys too!) & Blake. They didn't grace us back at the hotel until around 10 p.m.

Day 2, Friday: WEDDING DAY! Up at 5:30 to get me & the clan ready. Babysitters (my oh so fabulous Mother & Father in Law came down JUST to watch our kids while we were at the temple...now that is service I tell ya!...or just complete love for our little kiddos.) At the temple by 7:50 am. My Grandpa Lunsford sealed Danille & Brian. (we were all in tears because it was so amazing) They made their entrance into the world as Husband & Wife! I took lots of family pictures. We met at the JSMB for a lovely dinner with friends & family. We laughed so hard we about peed our pants when "a rap song" started playing during the dinner (off of a CD that Dani & Brian made). The dinner concluded around 1 ish and some random people stopped my the Empire room to ask if we had any leftover that they could eat...what? Are you serious? Some people's kids! So they enjoyed a free $28/plate of food... I guess it's better than throwing it out.

The newlyweds left for their honeymoon....ohhhhh la la!

We met up at the Hampton hotel where we were staying for the night. Changed, relaxed a little & made plans for the rest of the day. Boys wanted to go golfing (which never happened)...we went SHOPPING instead! Well that was the plan anyways. We kind of got ditched by the guys in the mall parking lot... they ended up going to a gun range place where they dropped 50 bucks on ammo to shoot some guns....that I'll never understand! But boys will be boys. So us girls shopped, kind of. Tired kids=no fun shoppin! Shannon had a good time though...she got a few dang cute items! The boys met up with us and we gave the kids to them to make a quick round...it didn't really pay off... the size thing gets the best of me every time I am shopping!
So what up next on the agenda? Eat! Tipanyake (I'm sure I slaughtered the spelling on that one!) in Jordan's Landing. SOOO YUMMY! And entertaining! We had a big group of people-- Bran, Jason, Bride & Addi, Stacey, Me, Logan & Boston, Blake & Shannon, then Jason's sister Holly & her husband Brian & their two girls, and our niece Chrissy & her two boys Morgan & Payton. It was so fun....until....we had to call 911! Ya really, we did! Payton was standing or kneeling in his highchair and it fell backward and he hit his head so hard on the floor, the whole place just stopped and turned it was that loud! Chrissy picked him up and he was crying then his eyes rolled back and he was out and wouldn't wake up. I was screaming "do we need to call 911" "are there any nurses in here" a couple of people ran to her and the manager called 911. He woke up and passed out again. The ambulance got there and she rushed out with him. They checked him for a while and everything looked okay but she was told to keep a good eye on him through the evening. We went back to her house and the rest of the night he was full of energy just like a normal 2 year old! Man it was scary!

Day 3, Saturday: We slept in until around 9! Our kids were so beat they actually slept in too! :) Then we got ready to go to the Hogle Zoo! (pictures to come...but I don't have a lot..bummer) That was pretty fun. Logan got some kisses from the sun!...even though it was pretty cool thanks to the dang cold breeze! Afterwards we went and got a sandwich and the kids got a little more energy out playing in Holly's back yard while the guys went to a motor bike store. Then we loaded up and headed home!

Today's Agenda:
1. Laundry
2. Clean up messy house.
3. Return phone calls & e-mails.
4. Place an order.
5. Design a couple layouts for client.
6. Go through orders that just arrived.
7. Possibly enjoy some nice outdoor weather while it last...I hear it's going to get crummy again later on this week....Shocking!
8. catch up on blogging.

I'm irritated because #8 butted to the front of the line and I've waisted the better part of today blogging and have yet to accomplish #1-#5.

Gotta Run!