Logan's K-SWISS shoes...

...got HARLEY-anized! Backup a bit... Logan was in DESPERATE need of some new shoes. During the winter he had two to his name that fit him...his oh-so-incredibly-ugly-resembled moon boots- snow boots, and his church shoes. He lived in his uglier than ugly moon- I mean snow boots ALL winter long because if I started to put his church shoes on him he would look at me with a mean look and say "NO, Church shoes! NO!" shaking his head, putting them back, and getting his boots. So funny! So Stacey, Me, & the kids went shopping one afternoon a couple of weeks ago for the necessities in our growing kiddos wardrobes. We broke down and bought Logan his first pair of over $20 shoes! Yes, I know I am cheap when it comes to kids that grow out of things so quickly! But we thought that since he's already in a size 10...that maybe he'll slow down a bit and make it through the rest of the year. So his first pair of K-Swiss's were bought at the sale price of $38!
Today we enjoyed a great afternoon at my parents home. We love spending time with them, and Logan has a BLAST at their home. When Grandpa Kenny is home he gets to play with all the big boy toys! :) and do all the things big boys do...ride in the little tractor, till the garden, ride the 4-wheeler & motorbike, tinker in the garage with Grandpa etc. etc. He's in Heaven when he gets to tag along with his Daddy or his Grandpa! Maybe it's because they don't treat him like he is too little to do anything & don't care if he gets dirty or what not.
While we were there Grandpa fired up his Harley Davidson to take Logan for a little ride around the neighborhood. Seconds after they began their ride Grandpa Kenny reached for Logan’s feet knowing that the pipes get hot and he might rest on them... the damage had already been done! These pipes get so hot & I’ve even come close to burning a few shoes and Grandma Jonna has burnt & melted the soles of several! These bran spankin’ new K-Swiss size 10 $38.00 (on sale) shoes are now “PLAY HARD, get muddy, stain with grass...etc. shoes!” I was pretty sad when it happened but it is pretty humorous now because all night Logan hasn't quit saying, “Burnt shoes bike Grandpa, BBBRRAAAVRRRROOOOOOMMMM...... WOW! Fun! Shoes burnt.” Every time he sees his shoes she asks (himself), “shoes burnt?” and picks them up and studies them then says “YUP...bike!” He even held them up in front of “teddy’s” eyes for him to see and tells Teddy all about how it happened! So cute! I rolled in laughter when during (one of the many) conversations we have had about these burnt shoes tonight I said, "ya, did they get ruined?" he looked and me and said "Yaaaaaaaaa!" in a very high pitched kind of tone then threw his hands up in the air and said "YUP!" then walked over to the kitchen garbage ready to dispose of them....I intervened and told him they are still wearable...Mom just won't care if they get dirty anymore! He said "YA! Pay (play) shoes!"

I have to admit that when Logan & Grandpa Kenny walked into the house and Gramps told Logan to show me what happened and I saw his shoes...I was sick! Turns out this has been the subject of our laughter all night! :) Stacey even laughed when he saw them, because of how dramatic & excited Logan was to show & tell!