{last call}...

Okay I know that you are all probably thinking that I pulled your leg on the whole going private issue since I haven't actually locked this place down- yet. And YES! I do have to admit that I smile at the number of comments that were left asking for invites....SO COOL! I am just really happy that people are enjoying this blog. So thank you thank you thank you to all those who commented...& guess what YOU ARE ALL IN!!! :)
So.....When is this all going down?....I don't know!!! I am so swamped with work right now that I seriously have not had time...and I feel so for not holding up to my word when I said I was switching over in the "next day or so" (that was on Monday I think!) This may sound so stupid and not post worthy, but it has really been weighing on me-- but at the end of the day (2 a.m.) I find it so hard to find the ambition to gather up all the e-mails and punch them in....I'll get to it....soon I hope!
I am making it a priority to be private by mid next week...I should have a few big work projects out of the way then. So this is my last call....leave your address in the comments if you want be added...if not so long my friend :(!