Boston's Bedroom...

Some of you asked me to post more pictures of Boston's you go!

First sweet little Boston! She was excited to show off her room!

All vinyl was done by Brandi Park (my fabulous sister): Inspirations by Brandi Park totally check her out! She so creative and will do anything for you!
Bostons room colors: Red, light Pink, dark Pink, White, & a splash of lime Green.Letters came from Porters Craft & Frame and they were embellished with paper scraps & random embellishments in my stash that I will never-ever use up now thanks to digital scrapbooking! I felt wasteful to go out and buy new "cuter" stuff- so I worked with what I had!Bedding came from Target (online exclusive)!
Lots of headbands! (It's just too bad she pulls them off her head now!) But I am in love with the headbands at The Nook & Cranny in our mall because you can buy just the headband and clip on whatever flower or bow you want with whatever color of headband that matches! Sweet!!!

This is her Berenstain Bear she got for Christmas from my parents. It's really a boy bear...but he's a cross dresser now! Hey--I had to make it match her room! She loves this bear though and will listen to almost a whole story...while playing with his hands that move & grabbing his mouth that talks & sucking on his nose!
That little doll you see on the mom made that for me (and my sisters all have their own too) when I was little! When Boston was in my tummy Logan would play with this doll all day long...I had to assure Stacey that he'll be okay that it wouldn't take the "manly" gene out of him- that it was an important training tool! Logan always thought the doll had a messy diaper and would sniff her behind and would say "PEE-U!"
Quilt that came with her bedding.
and the curtains that came with her bedding...except the red panels on the side. Her window was too big to just use the balance that came with the bedding and I really wanted to use it to tie the whole room together so I bought the red panels at a place called Walmart...ever heard of it? he he

and the strips... oh I had them taped PERFECTLY! Had them all painted and ready to pull the tape off. One peal of the tape and "GASP" bled through almost everywhere! I was so disappointed. I had spent so much time measuring and taping... all done in vain. I had to take a tiny little tole panting brush and go around the whole room and touch up the best I could to try and straighten it all out. Have I ever mentioned I really don't like to paint? I like the idea until I start a project and then want to kick myself!