my whole world...

rests in the palm of these two's hands. I have so many dreams, ambitions & goals...and they all serve important rolls in my life...but truly the biggest joy in my life comes from these two little angels...they have set for me my biggest goal, and probably one that I will never fully succeed to perfection, but non the less I'll try my best each and every day. These two give me such strength, such determination, such peace, such love, such happiness, and even sometimes...such stress & frustration! I'll be honest here...some days are truly hard for me as a mother! But at the end of the day...I can't imagine my life in any other way. I have a truly genuine, loving, and totally hot husband, a totally energetic, soft hearted, out spoken, handsome lil' heart breaker & joyful son, and a smart & curious, beautiful in all her chubs, happy & totally heart melting little daughter.
Today as I go though the list of thing I need to get done. I want to be sure I make note of the little things in my life that totally take me to a place far from the reality's of this world...the war, the economic suffering, etc... and it always has to do with my family. I really stress some days about the condition of our world in this day...and question what it will be like in the future when my children are older. It scares me to no end. But I am always taken back to a peaceful state when we are together as a family.

I have been trying to get a calendar of daily activities & lessons that I can do with Logan prepared. I've been racking my brain to come up with new things, fun things, things that will catch his interest. Though I have not been persuaded to detour from this "plan", after a fun spontaneous hour with my kids, I wondered why I have taken so much time planning activities, when activities already present themselves daily... maybe I'm not paying attention to them and seeing them as spontaneous fun & learning experiences? BUT-Yesterday I did!...and we had so much fun! Brace yourself...there are lots of pictures!

Boston was napping...or at least I thought she still was until I heard giggles coming from her bedroom. She never wakes up happy! Usually it's "GET ME OUTTA HERE NOW!!" kind of scream. I thought it was so cute that I had to take a look in her room and watch her. To my surprise I saw this...

I rushed for my camera so fast! Had to make super fast setting adjustments because her blinds were closed, but managed to pull these shots! We have already had to lower her crib to the middle level because she would pop her head over the sides...but now that's just not going to cut it! She managed to pull herself right up and is standing up to the (taller) sides of her crib. Obviously she though this was great! I was a little panicked, but shared in her triumph.

see...this is how I do it's as simple as that! But now I need a break...Oh we've got company! "I awake!" shouts Logan (I think we were laughing so hard we woke the Logster up!) Of course he couldn't stand to miss out on anything! So he "climbed" on into the fun! I learn daily that I am truly blessed.