Finding Comfort is....

This is so bitter-sweet for me.
I have really enjoyed getting to know new people, reconnect with old friends & stay up-to-date with family (sweet). I have had such a hard time with this decision because I may loose opportunities to meet new people (bitter bitter bitter). However, the piece of mind knowing that my personal hottie husband & my precious children, my personal thoughts, life's joys, venting on bad days, challenges, accomplishments etc etc....are only being seen by those who I can trust & rely on (sweet). When this blog was born just 8 months ago (July 20, 2007) I would never had imagined that it would become such a "comfort" to have in my life. These past 8 months, through blogging as pathetic as it sounds, have made me grow so much spiritually, mentally, & emotionally. I have really come to know who I am and feel like I am beginning to be comfortable & happy with myself. I have greatly appreciated all the new amazing people who have left comments introducing themselves, who I now can call {great} friends. Some days blogging is the only thing that gives me comfort... some days blogging is the last thing on my mind...but every day I have to check up on all you wonderful people (thanks to bloglines which makes this possible) & I am amazed each day of the inspiration you all give to me.
All good things DON'T come to an end...
they just change!
so...Please leave a comment including your e-mail addresses if you would like to be added. Even if you have been a little mouse in the corner & have never commented before and would like to keep visiting
(as long as you aren't a creepy little mouse)!