{Modest} is Hottest...

Our activity day was a total blast! We worked on the topic Learning & Living the Gospel and had a "Modest" Fashion Show. The girls partnered up and one was a model & the other the designer (then they switched). They had to make "modest" dresses out of newspaper! We taught them the "head, shoulders, knees, & toes rule:

Touch your Head: your belly should not be showing.
Touch your Shoulders: you should feel fabric.
Touch your Knees: your skirts should be at your knees.
Touch your Toes: your back should be totally covered.

Supplies you need are:
1. newspapers
2. tape
3. scissors

After the designer had made the dress on the model we lined them up down the hall & had a "fashion show"! They introduced their dress...they had to come up with a name for it and tell why they designed it the way they did and their favorite part about it...They all did great and totally got into it! We have some designers on our hands! :)