{snapshots} from this week...

Some fun moments I captured this week are:

Logan & Boston talking to each other face to face: This was so cute! Boston was crawling & Logan crawled right in front of her- started talking- and really had her focused on him. He would say a few words (rambles) and would laugh and then she would laugh...then they both got really serious! This went on for about 5 minutes strait!

Boston: She is always on the go! To capture a shot like this I have to get down on my tummy, eye level with her. I can just see it in her eyes the moment I get down...."OH! That CAMERA again!" She lunges forward every time and tries to attach it with a vengeance!
Logan "Confused little buddy?": He told me he had to go potty and I was busy changing Boston and I told him to be a big boy and pull down his pants and underwear and go potty on the toilet. When I finished up with Boston I hurried to the bathroom and saw this! I ran for the camera because this really shocked me! It still scares him to death to stand up and go potty-- so we haven't "practiced" facing that way! I have no idea what triggered this...but he did get the job done & without any messes! It only took me the rest of the day to get him to sit forward on the toilet again! Sometimes I sit and marvel at how brilliant & creative kids are!
Boston "Harley Babe!": When Logan was born my parents were on their annual bike trip. They pulled up to our home on their Harley (after being on the road for many hours to get home as soon as they could) to meet their first grand baby, Logan! He was just 3 days old. I still remember the pure comfort & peace that I felt when they pulled up...I could finally breath! I was a total mess I'll admit! I had major baby blues with trying to nurse a super hungry baby--with no milk! And when they pulled up we were just strapping Logan in his car seat to rush him to the hospital because we thought that he was turning blue....turns out his nursery let off a blue cast over everything in the room, including new born babies...haha! (I think a little "new" parent nerves had a lot to do with it!) It seriously felt like my parents were heaven sent that day...I am so thankful they left the rest of their group behind to hurry home!

When they arrived they had this cute little Harley Davidson gift set for Logan. It was super cute on the little guy...even if it drowned him for a few months! Stacey, me, & the kids were in Boston's room playing & I started looking in the drawer where I have some keepsake items...like the outfits the kids came home from the hospital in etc. Logan's harley hat was in there as well so we tried it on Boston! This is for you DAD (GRANDPA)!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!