{Week Two:Day Seven} Kitchen/Dining Room...

Today was the worst! I hate cleaning bathrooms. That is why I wanted to get it over with, the rest is really a breeze. I clean my kitchen pretty well on a daily basis- so it shouldn't be too bad tomorrow. Cleaning the blinds is always a huge drag though!

Tuesday: Kitchen For the kitchen we will pretty much follow the same for the bathrooms...ceiling vents, walls, corners, fixtures, blinds, floors etc.
But Don't forget to:
-clean out fridge & freezer (look for expired products especially...oh and also in the pantry, spice cabinet etc. where dry/canned foods aren't used/consumed as often.)
-get down! Have you ever sat on your kitchen floor and looked around on that level? I have and sometimes it has scared me! I'm talkin milk splashes on the cabinet drawers/doors (from kids of course!), dust under the oven & fridge.... so get down! Wipe down/dust the outside of your lower cabinets.
-get UP! Stand on a stool or ladder and look up on the top of your cabinets...dust city! Give the tops of your cabinets a good wipedown and also if you have decor up there...now is the time to take it down and dust it all off as well...sorry!
-Dust & shine legs & chairs of your dining table.
-Sanitize all your hardware (door nobs) on your cabinets & drawers.
-Wipe down all small appliances: toaster, blenders...etc.
-Clean inside & outside of oven & microwave.
Have a HAPPY Tuesday!