Oh were oh were has my little life gone...

....oh were oh were can it be?..... I'm sure i'll find it again in a about 10 more days! Ha!
How is your spring cleaning coming along? I am sorry I haven't posted about my progress lately...life is spinning around me and I can't seem to grasp on to any part of it! I'm glad its Friday tomorrow--aren't you?! Then we get two days break before we start a scrubbin' and a dustin' and a moppin' and a hoppin'....maybe not hopping until next Sunday....but it sounded cute! It's so weird that Easter is in March. (now I am getting way off track!)

So here are my awefuly deadly horrible before (and after) pics. As I was working on my kitchen today I was taking pictures of my "trouble" drawers & cabinets and I looked up at Stacey and said "this is so embarrasing!" It truly is! I hope sharing this sad and pathetic side of me will encourage me to keep on top of these areas in my home and remember the pure humiliation I am feeling. He then said "you don't have to take pictures" and I said, "YES I DO! I was challenged to."...he rolled his eyes at me!

here it goes...

Tuesday: Bedroom Closets (I also did drawers...I discovered that my poor kids don't have hardly any clothes that fit them now (especially Boston)...I'm waiting to buy summer ones!... Stacey makes fun of Logan asking him when the flood is coming!... he's wearing 3T's for heck sakes!)

Ya, I know that it probably doesn't look like I did much to his closet, except ADD to it! These toys actually belong in his closet, but they have been stacked up at the end of the couch in the family room for weeks now because the bottom of his closet was such a disaster! oh and by the way all these toys got a good scrub-down!

Wednesday: Bathrooms Thursday: Kitchen

I am all kinds of relieved now that I have these major areas CLEAN & ORGANIZED! While I was de-cluttering and organizing I also wiped down every cupboard shelve & vaccumed out drawers and gave them a good wipe as well. Just in these areas I have posted today I have filled 5 large black garbage bags of trash & 2 for DI! (oh and I no longer use a tote for garbage, I just use a large garbage bag. Duh!...It only makes sense!!! I'm sure you all had that figured out long before I did!) Spring Cleaning Extravaganza....feels good.

Friday: Office area... have a great day! P.S. I am totally enjoying the before and after pictures that some of you are posting!! Thanks to everyone who is doing this with me! :)