S.C.E...Day Two...

Are you all hanging in there? I'm feeling a bit exhausted! My eyes don't even have the strength to blink right now! I am just aimlessly staring at the computer screen while my eyes go in an out of focus and my fingers are s.l.o.w.l.y. typing this goofy message. I am tired! Usually I still have juice in me until 2 a.m....not tonight! I went to bed at 2 last night and Logan woke up at 4...seriously, he cried until I put a movie in for him! Silly kid! But today was good...I started on closets early...before pictures was as far as I got!!! he he. I had to run a few errands & at 12 Logan took a nap...Boston wasn't having it....grrr. And I had to design a few collages & place a couple invitation orders. Then I was going to get crackin on the closets and my friend called and asked if I could watch her sweet little Mya for a few hours while she finished packing (they are moving Thursday... :(...I will miss you guys!) But I did get it done after dinner and I'm so excited to move onto my master bathroom tomorrow. The kids bathroom has zero clutter in it because I don't keep anything in the drawers!
So how did you all do? Doesn't it feel great?
...post about my successful S.C.E.- Day Two...coming soon (when I can think!)

S.C.E. Day Three: Bathrooms
Good Luck Ladies! Make yourself (& me) proud!:)