Danielle & Brian's Engagement Session...

On Saturday the 8th, Stacey and I dropped our kiddos off at G&G Warnke's to have some fun while we headed off to Utah so that I could take Danielle & Brian's engagement pictures. It was such a blast! I love my little sis to death and she sure chose a great great guy to be her husband! The two of them were non-stop giggles and hugs and kisses the whole time. We had a great session then we were able to go and see their new townhouse they will be renting after they get married and after enjoyed a scrumptious, I mean to die for, Mexican meal....I'm a lover of Mexican anyways, but this place, and I can't even remember what it was called, had a little twist to the salsa, chips, and main meal...oh so YUMMY!

Thanks Dani & Bri...you two are the best! :) See more of their session here.
& Thanks Mom & Dad for babysitting Logan & Boston...you two are angels.