{Spring Cleaning Extravaganza Day 1}...my results...

How did Day ONE go for all of you who have taken the challenge? I was a little worried that I might fail at my very own challenge...on the first day! 8:00 a.m. woke up (my kids actually slept till 8...first time in a SUPER long time! Must be the time change thing. Man it's totally throwing me off...the nights seem so short since it feels like early evening at 7 pm! I love the extra sun hour though. 11:00 a.m. had a play group meeting till 12. Came home and got lunch made for the kids (btw: Boston is loving her baby food...but she is super messy-- that's a whole other story!). 1:00 ran a couple errands. 1:30 got Logan down for a nap-- Grandma K. came over so Logan could take his nap because I had Achievement Day at 2:00 pm. Got home at 3:45. Laid Boston down for a nap...and finally started closet #1 demolition!...Not 5 seconds after I started pulling things out of this horribly kept closet I had the biggest BUTTON mess EVER! I pulled down a tote from the top shelf that had my scrapbooking buttons container resting on it...and they slipped off & went plummeting to the floor and scattered from here to China! There is a big tote on the floor of the closet which holds all my "craft/sewing stuff" since I don't have a designated craft room yet and I don't want to have to get it from downstairs in the storage room every time I get a crazy crafty idea...hopefully we'll finish the bedrooms downstairs soon!

Oh here's a good one...

As you can tell...not much linen...a hole heck of a lot of oh-so-random things! Shameful!

OK so about a month ago I actually started ripping this room apart and organizing the cupboard space a little...again...a little! After renovation today it looks a little better, but I still choose to ignore the 3rd cabinet to the right... its just full of "can't throw away, but what do I do with it" stuff. Plus it's mostly Stacey's "stuff" so I better not start chucking it... or should I? he he! ;)
And because I was chucking old cleaning stuff (mostly because I know I won't use any of it since I now have the Melalueca products gracing my cleaning supply cabinet!) I thought...what the heck...I'll see what I can do here...
...and boy did it ever need to be seen! Seriously...does anyone need that many grocery sacks? I mean common! I use them as garbage liners in my bathrooms...*thinking... garbage goes out once a week...I probably had over 100 of them...2 bathrooms...hummm...I'd be good for nearly 1 year! Geez... so that is one thing I don't have to worry about on Thursday (kitchen day).

See... I told you guys that my house is in bad shape! But can I just say that I feel so good already? Anyone sharing my joy? Anyone??? I'd LOVE to hear from you ALL!

I am so excited for tomorrow... Remember Tuesday: Bedroom Closets!

Now I will go crawl in my hole!