get ready for...

I'm so excited to freshin' up my home and get a head start on spring & summer fun! I'm am also excited that there are a group of you amazing people who want to join in with me! I'm no pro at this stuff (even though my Mom is- you should see her house at any given time...immaculate!...I was mostly a "spectator" while she busted her buns around our home growing up...sorry Mom...I so appreciate you now...that I am out of my bratty teenage years!) so feel free to tell me what I am missing, and change it up a bit to meet your standards!

First things first: I feel that before I can get into the nitty gritty & scrub my house till it has a hallow around it---I need to first invest some time in a little (okay a huge) project called DE-CLUTTER! I know in my home I have several drawers (& closets) designated as the "junk, craft, whatever I need to hide area"... these "junk" spots just keep multiplying. So week #1 will be De-cluttering the home. *Note: I have broken my spring cleaning down into 3 weeks...well really only like 2 1/2 weeks. Seems like a long time? Just think how fast a week flies by! Of course if you have the time, or the energy, or your kids take an extra nap, or whatever it is that puts the fire under your can always take the fast track! I know for me, if I think "get it done fast" I'll never do it right.

So this is the method I will be using to De-Clutter my home.
4 Container Method:
#1: Trash
#2: Give Away, DI, or Sell
#3: Storage
#4: Put Away
At each location that I am de-cluttering I will have four containers, one for each of the above solutions to de-clutter.

Spring Cleaning week 1 PLANNER: De-Cluttering
Monday: Hall closets & laundry room
Tuesday: Bedrooms
Wednesday: Bathrooms
Thursday: Kitchen
Friday: Office

I have been challenged by Heather to take snap shots as I go along of before & after...uh YIKES! I so wish I could plead ignorance to this request! (my Mom & Grandma will disown me!) But for the love of all you---I will! Did I just say that? Ahhhh! I know that when I post these I'll want to crawl in a hole and quit blogging forever! ;)

Let the organizing begin! be continued.