Logan & Hailey...

are beginning to be the best of friends! I was able to babysit Hailey yesterday while her mom & dad took the afternoon to go to a session at the Temple. Natalie (Hailey's Mom) and I were best friends in high school and ended up, years after we had been married, in the same ward! Natalie is Logan's nursery singing teacher and Logan LOVES her! If he is feeling sad about being in nursery Nat always takes him under her wing...thanks Nat! ;)
I had a great time photographing the two of them while they played and talked (only they could understand each other!) all afternoon. Hailey is such a good girl and really a joy to be around.

Monkeys jumping on the bed!...this is one of their favorite things to do! You should hear the two of them just laughing their heads off! So cute!