spring cleaning...

It is really never too early right? See I figure that since it is still cold and snowy outside now is the perfect time to get the house in total order & cleanliness. That way when the snow melts (if you don't have snow your lucky!) and the temp's rise (if you already have 80 degree temps I am TOTALLY jealous!) we can all enjoy some time outside with our families without having the spring cleaning devil on our shoulders! So...starting next week I will be posting a "to do" on my "Spring Cleaning List" that will be my goal to clean/organize for the next day. Who's in? I need all the support I can get! So gear up ladies (and men--if there are men out there who do this kind of stuff...I know I've never lived with one!) The time is NOW!

I am totally excited to try out my new Melaleuca cleaning products! I have had them for over a week now and still have not used them to deep clean my home (I've been a little busy with my sisters wedding announcement designing...much funner than cleaning though right?!) I have taken some pretty embarrassing pictures of "trouble" spots around here...mostly from hard water. I'll show you before and after shots....just don't remember the before shots...only the after! I promise to keep up on all these areas from here on out... and will deny that the before shots were ever of my home!
Have you ever started cleaning your bathroom with store cleaners and had to leave because the strong chemical fumes were just too much? I have! Even worst- have you ever felt bad for cleaning with the strong chemicals while your children were around? Guilty again! The Melaleuca "EcoSence" line relies on natural solvents and enzymes to penetrate dirt and stains so they can easily rinse away. I have heard from so many {SUPER CLEAN} ladies that these products are the BEST! That there is nothing that you can't clean and clean GOOD with Mela products. Plus they are safe for kids, even if they get into them...you won't be calling the Poison Hotline! So I'll let you be amazed with me! :) If you are interested at all in these products (or any that Melaleuca has to offer) let me know!

SO... Let the cleaning begin! Remember--rest up this coming weekend and gear up for MONDAY! :) (Monday's goal will be posted on Sunday!...I'll start off with something simple since I have a packed day on Monday!)