you gotta {roll} with the punches!...

This is what I woke up to find this morning at 7:30! I have no idea how long Logan had been awake...but long enough to know he wanted eggs for breakfast...big surprise! He had gotten the eggs out of the fridge, opened them, and broke open two on the floor! Bless his heart for caring-- he had a total of 7 dish towels from the drawer to clean his mess up. At least he tried anyways! It's bound to happen some time, right? I think I should invest in a padlock for the fridge! Funny thing is that I can't believe I didn't wake up...I usually hear him open his door. He's so loud in the mornings...well all the time! I didn't even hear Stacey leave early this morning for work. And bless his heart for not waking me up to make his lunch! I appreciate that because I had a SUPER long night with Boston... I don't know what it is but she is sleeping so horribly...for the past 3 nights she has woken up every 3 hours and it takes 2 hrs to get her back to sleep again. Last night I tried everything...diaper change, orajel, prevacid (which she hasn't had for about 3 weeks now), Tylenol...then finally I fed her AGAIN! So by 3:00 she was finally down...and she lasted until 8:00 this morning. Phew! Poor little thing.
Well I've got a busy day today cleaning and doing all that I needed to get done yesterday! I'm hopeful about today! :) Thanks for all your comments--I so appreciate all you guys!
(And Kristen--I am glad you commented back!....I am SO not upset with you!!! I wish I could get into your blog. Add me?!! You sound like such a cute fun person. Thanks for giving me a reason to vent my day out--and give an important copyright tip!)