{8 things about Boston}...

I am so behind on tags it is not even funny...so bare with me! I'll get around to all of them sooner or later! I just posted about Boston at 6 months old...two weeks ago, so I'll try to think of new things about our sweet little angel.

Boston... *Photographs were taken March 1, 2008*
one: She shares her middle name with her Mom (me!), Grandma Warnke, and Great Grandma Lunsford. Pretty special!

two: She loves to cuddle. Logan never did...at all. So it is nice to squeeze & love on her. She is so soft & squishy! three: She has just recently started to find her thumb and LOVES to suck on it....just like I did! I think it is so cute! Her Dad doesn't think it is very cute though... it is kind of a hard habit to break kids of. four: She was discharged from the hospital at only 17 hrs old (the hospital was in need of rooms and since we were doing well and she was healthy they asked if they could discharge us.) and she didn't pass her hearing screening. I think it might have had a little to do with the hormones and just having a baby... but I was a complete mess. I cried and cried... We went back to the hospital when she was 32 hrs old and she passed with flying colors. Phew! The hospital where she was born uses otoacoustic emission (OAE) evaluation. This measures an acoustic response that is produced by the inner ear (cochlea), which in essence bounces back out of the ear in response to a sound stimulus. The test is performed by placing a small probe that contains a microphone and speaker into the infant's ear. Sounds are generated in the probe and responses that come back from the cochlea are recorded. Once the cochlea processes the sound, an electrical stimulus is sent to the brainstem. In addition, there is a second and separate sound that does not travel up the nerve, but comes back out into the infant's ear canal. This "byproduct" is the otoacoustic emission. The emission is then recorded with the microphone probe and represented pictorially on a computer screen. The audiologist can determine which sounds yielded a response/emission and the strength of those responses. If there is an emission present for those sounds that are critical to speech comprehension, then the infant has "passed" the hearing screen. She almost passed in one ear...but the other she didn't come close. When infants are born a lot of the fluid gets in their ears...this is why it is important to get the screening done at least 24 hrs after birth...so that the inner ear (cochlea) is dry and can respond to the sound. Sorry...got a little carried away there. But I did A LOT of research during the super long 15 hrs that we had to wait until we could get her screened again!five: Her blessing dress was purchased at the hospital gift shop...I know... can you believe it! When we went back to get her screening done again we (my Mom & I) were curious as to what was in there and made a quick stop...well a half an hour later we walked out with bags of darling Carter onsies and a blessing dress for her! I totally fell in love with it and even though it was pretty tacky to buy at the HGS...I did!six: If she sees a bottle...any ones bottle she completely goes crazy! Even if she just ate.seven: She loves her pacifier...the ugly teal soothie ones you get from the hospital that cover their entire face practically when they are newborns! I have all the cute fun color ones and she won't take them.seven: She has never had a diaper rash!... (I'm getting desperate here for new facts about her!)

eight: I don't know when, but I started calling her "baby doll" have no clue where I got it but it kinda stuck! For now at least. She's my little baby doll Boston. We love her soooooo much!

So we tag... Bridger, Addi, Deegan, Kayden, Sadie, David, Payson, Brylee, Megan, Brock, Hallie, Cooper, Bailey, Madelynn, Paul, Kiersty, Audrey, Hailey, Zach, Boston, Brooklyn, Krew, & Livee. (K I think that is a list of the cutest names!)