Addi...100% Personality 200% {LOVABLE}...

Today my sister, Brandi, came down to get Addi's pictures taken. She is seriously the sweetest little niece EVER! I absolutely enjoyed every minute they were here. I had to share a few photographs! We went a little {okay A LOT} crazy and took TONS of photographs of this sweet little 8 month old. It was total bliss. I LOVE MY FAMILY! :)

{Bran & Addi}

{Addi in all her sweetness}

{Addi...a little retro}

{and oh my goodness!...we cracked up when she started doing this!
We put the necklaces around her neck and she got so excited! Too cute!}
{isn't she seriously the cutest thing you've ever seen!}
{Do you think she'll be a ballerina?
She's a natural I tell ya!}