{8 things about Logan} tagged by Mack...

  • One: He's always been a very happy & smiley little guy...even as a baby--okay not for the first two months when he had acid reflux and I didn't know. I just thought we had the WORST baby! But then he got on Prevacid and it was night and day! It makes me so mad that I didn't cry to his doc. sooner!
  • Two: He is very loud and very animated! He has a mind of his own and if I tell his not to do something he already talks back...in 2 yr old style of course. He thinks he rules this place!
  • Three: He has his Dad's name as his middle name.
  • Four: He Loves to be outside...and throws a fit if he has to stay in when his Dad is outside.
  • Five: He loves his sister but often makes her cry because he smothers her. If I don't get to her crib fast enough when she wakes up I can always find the two of them talking to each other--inside the crib. He's a little monkey.
  • Six: He hasn't found much use for talking... even though I have started to threaten him...j/k- okay not really just kidding...I do! But the whining is getting pretty old! He can count to 13...kind of... he won't say one...if I start him off with one he jumps to two and he wont say three unless I say "ree" and he wont say four unless I say "our" the th and f are silent now...didn't you know??!
  • Seven: He loves playing with trucks, reading books, coloring, and play-doh.
  • Eight: He is big for a two year old. Always has had a good appetite! He wears size 10 shoes, 4T pants, 4T shirts (or youth extra small)...and 4T underwear...a solid 40 pounds!

Photographs were taken yesterday: 2.27.2008

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