Maya...three month old {SWEETNESS}...natural lighting

Have you ever seen such beautiful blue eyes? Today (well actually on 02.27.08-- it's now a new day seeing that it is 1 o'clock in the morning!)...I had a photography shoot with a sweet little 3 month old ball of energy! She was so much fun...full of personality...and the sweetest little disposition. This was the first photoshoot that I have done using NATURAL LIGHT! That's right! I didn't even set up my lights. I usually set up for a shoot in my basement, but today I set up in my living room upstairs-- pulled open the blinds, cranked up the ISO....and viola! Lots of lovely natural lighting. I think I'm hooked on the natural light thing. Even though I still need to learn some techniques...I'm getting there. It still is a little hard to only use my camera on manual...especially with fast moving subjects! It's a little tricky! Out of the 230 photographs that were taken (seriously)… I am really going crazy looking at them all as they are downloading on my computer… so cute! Ahhh... I can't even pick which ones to showcase. Anyways you can see a few more over at my photography blog.