things are looking UP!

Fevers are gone…coughing at a minimum (until night when they are trying to sleep…why is that? And I do think the Vicks slathered on their feet and covered in heavy socks does work—but only for about 5 hours… then they are hacking away!) I think Logan is feeling better—and all I have to do is pretend I am crying to get him to take his Tamiflu and tell him that I am going to get in trouble with the doctor. I know—mean…but it’s seriously the only way. That is how I have to get him to let me wipe his nose now too…since it is raw he’s not liking it so much—he is constantly telling me “NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY!” (it’s so funny cuz when he says that he says it super darn fast… and on and on and on!) He demanded Ramen Noodles and Parmesan Cheese for BREAKFAST this morning…the kid is seriously obsessed with noodles w/ parmesan. He wanted it for lunch as well—Note to self: DO NOT buy Parmesan Cheese in the tub ever again…buy a fresh block and he won’t know it’s parmesan. Oh! And another quick story about Logan’s love for parmesan… since he’s big enough to get it out of the fridge himself I’m really having a problem! One day he demanded it—which is pretty much like every day. But he likes it just in a little bowl with a spoon…I know YUCK! So I gave it to him and started talking on the phone with my Mom. He was being really quiet and so I glanced at him and he had taken the cheese, dumped it on the carpet, and then—poured a whole bottle of water on top of it. AHHHHH! I about died. I remember yelling at him that that was a NO NO! And then seeking Mom advise on how to clean this mess up. After a long time of scraping, dabbing, and spraying cleaner on the carpet…I let it air dry. I decided I’d run the vacuum over it just to make sure it was all up. Bad idea! I know it had to be vacuumed—but my new vacuum smelt like cheese every time I used it after—even after changing the bag. K Parmesan cheese smells like throw-up in that kind of a situation! Oh gagging! So last week my sister, Dani, and I got the cleaver idea to put a Yankee Air Freshener in the place were the bag is. I’m happy to report that my house smells like a strawberry smoothie every time I vacuum now! K—that wasn’t such a quick sorry after all!

So besides tending to my sick boys—which by the way hasn’t been too bad. They are mostly hanging out together downstairs while Boston and I get to spend some quality time together upstairs. We’ve had so much fun! She’s totally loving her toys right now. She knows which basket they are all in and she’ll crawl to it, grab the side, and tip it over! She can be entertained for about and hour without anyone else (me) playing with her—seriously! “Nothing could prepare me for your smile” that quote reminds me of her. She is such a happy little girl—all you have to do is look at her and she’ll smile— talk to her, dab her nose with a stuffed toy, or tickle her and she’ll laugh. Oh I love her! But she was a bugger to get to bed tonight!

In my spare—or not so spare time since it always seems to be very late at night… (however, I love it so I do it!)—I have been designing two kits…no names to them yet…but for a special client of mine. She hired me to design a 4X6 Brag Book for both of her boys before her and her hubby go on a fun vacation next month. But- in order to start the layouts I have to design my own kits… so I’m not breaking the law under the digital scrapbooking NO PIRACY act. Now I have to vent a little! I know there are commercial kits out there—but have you actually seen one that you gasp “I’ve gotta have that”? I haven’t. Plus they are so DANG expensive. I would agree that if they are offered as a freebie then maybe it’s not respecting the designer who generously shares them—but I think if you purchase a kit then you should be able to use them—for profit or personal. And I don’t mean profit as put them in your own kit, call it your work, and sell them…that is TOTALLY WRONG. But I mean design layouts for other people who don’t have any desire to and hire you to do them. That’s all I’ll say about that…spare you all! Here’s a peak at the first kit… primary colors- scratchy-grunge look to it. I laid out the color palette and designed the 12X12 pages—but kind of working on the elements as I go along…and pulling some from other kits I’ve designed as well. I am thinking about transitioning the layouts into templates when I am finished so all people have to do is drag and drop their pictures into the frames and add their own text. What do you think? Kids love little brag books and they are so great for sacrament meeting entertainment!

I know the pictures are a little scary since I blurred out the faces in the photos and also some of the text. Just protecting my client!