my boys are stinkin' sick...

Stacey & Logan left for Community Care this morning. They are still so sick. Both have 100 degree temps. Uggg. Logan hasn't been sleeping well because he coughs so much and I think his body is aching because he is just really docile and squirmy like he can't get comfy...sad. And Stace slept a whole probably 2 hours last night...kept me up too because he was moving around so much! So they both got swabbed for the flu (which I have never had done before but Stacey said it hurt because they shove the Q-tip thingy up your nose so far)...anyways they both came back positive for the flu, which antibiotics won't help. So they are waiting for the prescriptions to be filled. First going to Walgreen’s and finding out that they are ALL OUT of the flu medicine & so is Wal-Mart & Kmart. Nice. So he went to Broulims and *sigh* they have it still. Stacey said that the waiting room at Community Care was packed full of people with the same symptoms. --So now I have to try to keep Stacey in... and that is such a challenge. He has ants in his pants when it come to just chillin...he's always gotta be doing something... especially with the winter lock-down, we are all going crazy!

So BEWARE people! It is spreading like wild fire! Hopefully we'll all be healthy soon!

*Note: I would rather have this kind of flu/cold any day than the throwing up kind of flu...oh that is the worst with kids!

Oh and I was supposed to take my sweet little niece Addi's (a little past) six month pictures today and had to cancel it because we didn't want her kids to get sick as well.... sorry Bran. We'll get to it next week! :)

Edit: They are finally back with their meds and you should see Logan. He can hardly keep his eyes open, his cheeks are bright red, and he has a temp of 102.5. But he still wanted to eat some lunch! He's so sweet. He finished his lunch and I let him down from his chair and he laid down on the kitchen floor... so not like him! Oh and his medicine- Tamiflu- must be nasty (it smells okay) because it was a major fight to get him to take it. He took one taste and said "YUCKY!" I forced it down him and he did the whole "disgust shake" after! Twice a day for 5 days...should be fun!

I was asking Stace what the doc prescribed and before he could answer Logan softly said, “NEIGH!” Then Stacey laughed and told me that he told Logan on the way home that the Doc gave them some medicine and also prescribed him to relax & watch the horse movie with Dad! I said oh he did huh? And Logan replied with “YeeeeAaaaH!” w/ the widest eyes and happiest look I’ve seen all day. So sweet.