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Chantri Keele

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Lifestyle Photographer based in Idaho | Author | Life Coach | Business & Brand Mentor | Style & Beauty Lover

My photography + design business was established in 2006 & from there, curiosity and a mad passion (ok maybe obsession) for learning, growing & working through life’s ‘muck’ has led me to coaching- which really is the foundation of it all!

There's something about a nickname that says 'we're friends', so please, call me Chant! I’m a small-town Idaho photographer, designer & educator with a big passion to live life with purpose and on purpose. I'm a sugarholic- not committed to recovering, a committed yoga pants wearer, uncommitted daily workout doer, committed wife to a hunk of a country boy and mom of 3 cuties. Joy fills my soul when I'm steadily walking through life filling my cup with those things that matter the most to me - the things that make me who I am, make me the best ME; being a wife & mom, homemaker, sister, daughter, friend, photographer, educator, and daughter of God along with creativity, reading, serving, meditating, playing, gospel study and exercise to name a few. All with a hefty dose of grace I might add! I believe you can and should do the things are burning in your soul- it's your purpose, your calling. 


As far back as I can remember, I have been drawn to and inspired by creativity in all forms. At the young age of six, I owned and operated my very first bakery. There I specialized in decadent chocolatey desserts in all varieties; pies, cookies, fudge, cakes & more. While each one had a unique style, all desserts consisted of two main ingredients- dirt & water. Shhhh, it’s a family secret! Yes, I had my very own ‘mud’ bakery! My Mom, whom by the way is an amazing baker and does not use dirt as an ingredient while baking, graciously offered me chocolate chips, coconut, nuts & powdered sugar among other things such as spatulas, pans & utensils from her kitchen. I would spend warm summer days with my sisters, Brandi, Shannon & Danielle and my best friend across the street, Barbara, creating beautiful mud desserts & displaying them on our bakery counter- which was the roof of a dog house that housed our large St. Bernard dog, Toby. Mom would always come out and pretend to eat our yummy treats!

Having three sisters and a very talented Mom, there was never a day that went by that we were not being creative in some way. From make believe to tole painting to scrapbooking, my Mom gave us an incredible gift to cultivate the love of creativity. The ability to see the beauty in the every day and in the little things came organically to me and the desire to documenting it all just naturally integrated as an important part of my life.

It wasn’t until 2005 when my first son, Logan, was born that I had the desire to personally learn more about photography. I wanted to capture real-life moments in a beautiful way that told a story. I craved the well exposed & quality images of the closeup of his eyelashes during a bath & the single tear when he waited for a bottle to warm. The daily life - that is what I wanted to capture.

I invested in my first DSLR, a Nikon D80, in 2005 and began my journey as a self-taught photographer. I spent many many evenings sitting on the family room floor with my camera in hand, manual on my lap, and a train of left out toy trucks all lined up, practicing! Taking one bad shot after another as I tried to figure everything out! Eventually, it all clicked and word got out. I started my photographing business in 2006 where I booked solid with families, babies, seniors, weddings & newborns.

I am blessed to be a wife to the most amazing man who is incredibly supportive of my dreams, a mother to 3 wonderful children who challenge me daily and above all bring so much joy into my life. Gratitude fills my heart for the gift to recognize the beauty in life and in other people. The ability to see and capture life through a lens, and preserve it for years to come, is truly a blessing. One that I believe can & should be be given to other Mothers & Mompreneurs like myself. I can’t wait for you to see the amazing way photography can impact your life & business.


If you are here, chances are you are family or you have been inspired in some way to came here for something specific- maybe to book a session or for some education, or maybe just a recipe or to read an insert of real life happenings! My hope is that you get what you came here for, and more! This blog is not specifically for clients or photographers, but simply for women who are wanting to be the best wives, moms, creatives, entrepreneurs and Daughters of God, they can be. My goal is to document my life & lessons, share things that motivate and inspire me, showcase my work & provide education & inspiration for others.

I truly believe having the necessary skills to beautifully document the world around me has opened a gateway to countless connections & opportunities in life & business. It has gives me love and appreciation for the littlest moments in life. Because of this I am proud to be the author of CAPTURE LIFE, A Photography Education Guide & Workbook for Creatives, that serves as both textbook & workbook for those who love photography, what to better understand every aspect of it and are passionate about capturing life in a creative & beautiful way. It will educate & inspire you on many levels as you apply the things you learn.

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the world is ours to behold!